6 Jul 2016

What is Portable Document Format or PDF Features

Portable Document Format (PDF)

PDF or Portable Document format is a file format developed by Adobe Systems, which helps to present documents independent of hardware and OS. This type of file format have fixed layout in which users can display text, images, flash animations, graphics etc according to your purpose. Today, PDF is best file format used by most of the big business companies to handle their documents in safe way.

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Because of the independent of operating system and application softwares you can easily handle on any devices which support this format. These files are also allows you to view, navigate through pages, take printout, share via email and other online documents sites etc. It is completely a 2D program only supports two dimensional graphics, text and fonts. The file formats represented as “.pdf”.
what is portable document format or pdf

In the present world, there are lots of PDF readers and creation tools are available in the internet. One of the giant in this field is Adobe Acrobat ($200-300); developed of the portable document file format. There are other competitors are available (both free and paid versions) which are allows you to view, create, convert and edit PDFfiles. Some of the Best PDF readers are Foxit reader, Nitro Pro, SumatraPDF, PDF-Xchange Viewer, Adobe Reader, Built-in browser readers etc. These are the best alternatives to adobe Acrobat and paid versions are lower in price and worthy as compared to acrobat PDF tools.

Development of Portable Document versions

PDF is developed in the year of 1993 and that was the first version (PDFv1.0). At that time, it is just document with plain text, contained in fixed layout. From 1996, lots of new interactive features are added into the PDF files system up to 2011. Then the version is PDFv1.7. In This version PDF file format is one of the secure documents and allows to add more interactive features enhances the documents looks. To know more about it, read wiki page

Features of Portable Document File Format

  • It is very easy and simple to create using creation tools
  • Easy to view and explore through Portable document file
  • Highly portable file format; support every OS platforms and hardwares
  • Helps to encrypt your doc and helps to share office data safely through internet
  • Compression ability helps to convert larger doc files into smaller PDF files
  • It is safe from virus attack and other malicious attacks
  • Portable document format editing is not a simple task and requires additional editing tools
  • Paid PDF tools are available for professionals, but they are expensive
  • It is difficult to read in computer screen because of set in A4/A3 size. Need to use additional zoom tools to view properly or buy Readers tools.
Overall, portable document format is best file format to create documents and which allows transferring it safely through storage devices or internet. There is lot of PDF creation tools and readers are available as free and paid versions. Some free readers perform better than paid version like Foxit reader, Sumatra PDF etc.

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