6 Jul 2016

Nitro Pro 10 Review: Best Alternative for Adobe Acrobat

Nitro Pro 10 is multipurpose PDF tools application which contains PDF reader, editor, creator, digital signatures, certificates, form creator and security features. It is developed and published by Nitro Software. This software is one of the main competitors of Adobe Acrobat Professional, providing at lower price than adobe and easy to use in your pc. The Microsoft office 2013 ribbon like interface with well arranged tools is one of the main specialties of Nitro Pro 10 PDF reader. It contains both electronic document (PDF) view modes and direct editing is enabled. The new features included in Nitro Pro 10 suit are cloud storage access, share, additional security and form creation within PDF files. Let us see the honest review of Nitro Pro 10 suit.

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The Pros
  • Ribbon like user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Good performance
  • Improved security and editing capabilities
The Cons
  • No embedding of Video and audio files inside PDF
  • Not support Epub format conversion
  • Not free of cost; lower price than Adobe Acrobat

Nitro Pro 10 PDF Reader Review: User Interface (UI)

The Nitro pro 10 UI is one of the simplest interface with well arranged PDF tools. It follows the new Microsoft Office 2013 ribbon type; inside that all tools are categorized by using tabs. The menu bar is also combined with Tabs, except the File menu, which is still uses drop down menu.
free download Nitro Pro 10 PDF reader review

Top of the menu bar contain Quick access toolbars, which is very useful and helps to save the time of switching tabs for accessing the commonly used tools. You can also customize this toolbar as per your requirement. In the ribbon tabs, each Nitro Pro 10 tools shows its symbols and labels; also shows the function of them, when your mouse cursor stays above it.

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Then simple UI is also helps to use it as PDF reader with correct view for reading purposes of your office or professional data. You can also directly edit any type of PDF including encrypted (if you know the password) within this software. The “Fit width” is very helpful tool which fits the PDF files according to the computer screen size. Overall, the user-interface of Nitro Pro 10 makes itself as simple interface without any complications to access and providing proper information about each of the tools.

Nitro Pro 10 PDF Reader Review: Performance

In terms of Performance, Nitro pro 10 suit is good, having only 112 MB (offline) setup file as compared with Adobe Acrobat and easy to install. The installation contains two options; online and offline. Offline is recommended, because you can save the data charges for the Nitro Pro 10 setup download. The 14-day trial period is also provided for complete testing of this PDF Multipurpose software.

 It requires minimum needs 1 GHz processor and works with Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, windows7, Windows 8/8.1 and windows 10 (both 32 and 64 bits). The 512 MB Ram is enough for the smooth working of Nitro Pro 10, but 1 GB is recommended even if you job is higher than normal ones. The hard disk space availability is only 300 MB and Microsoft office 2003 or higher versions are required for effective operation of Nitro PDF Readers. Overall, it opens really faster in my computer and easy to use each and every tool. This portion will consciously update, if there is any problems founded by the regular use. For now, it is very good performing PDF software tool.

Nitro Pro 10 PDF Reader Review: Features

Nitro Pro 10 has various features like PDF reader, editor, creator, converter, security and more. Here only mentioned the main features and explain what their uses are.

As PDF Reader

free download Nitro Pro 10 PDF reader featurte

Portable document format file is one of the most used file format for transferring data in secure and effective manner. PDF formats are created in the A4 or A3 size format, which are not suits with your 15 inch computer screen. The Nitro Pro 10 is good in this job and using the “Fit width” tool you can fit any PDF file to your computer screen and easy to read the content. The background is simple white color which is best suits for your eyes causing less strain for reading. There is “hand” tool helps to grab and move to next page view. Also like every other PDF readers, Rotate and Zoom tools are also included.

As PDF Creator

The PDF creator is one of the fastest tools which create PDF’s within seconds. You should add the files as supporting formats like doc, xml, html, jpeg, png etc. It also allows to direct creation of PDF from the scanner files and you can access the scanner within your software itself. You can also combine up to 300 PDF files into one file at a time. Nitro also helps to create portfolio using different files.

The Nitro 10 interface is directly integrated with MS office in your PC, which provides easier creation of PDF files from the word itself. You can add the security features, file size optimization and view modes with in Nitro 10 add-on.

As PDF Converter

PDF converter tool is most attractive feature of Nitro Pro 10 software. It allows converting PDF file into Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF/A, image, rich text etc. You can simply add images into this software and convert to PDF files. But you couldn’t embed audio and video files into newly created or converted file as compared with competitors. It also not supports EPUB format types for conversion.

As PDF Editor

As PDF editor, Nitro Pro 10 is directly opens the portable document format files into viewer as well as editing interface. You can easily add text, graphics and files. One of the disadvantages of the Nitro 10 is that not supporting the embedding of audio and video in PDF files. Except this, all other tools are very helpful for polishing your files. You can add text, images, watermarks, backgrounds; edit headers, footers, image files etc. It also allows optimizing the PDF files as per your requirements.

Security and Protection

As PDF files are mainly used for business applications, security and protection is very important concern of many of clients. For that, Nitro Pro 10 includes two types of security; one if password based and other is based on certificate. The certificate based security is very good and provide excellent security to important documents. It would only opens when it matches the digital ID and could not be copied like password. Both the encryption are good addition to this PDF software.

Nitro Pro 10 PDF Reader Review: Help& Support

Nitro Pro 10 contains the separate Help tab which is mainly for new users. It contains user guides, product tour, knowledge base, asking questions; share your ideas, report problems associated with software, Contact Support and check for new updates of Nitro 10. There is some fee for personal dedicated assistance of Nitro team.

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Nitro Pro 10 suit is one of the best and low price alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Pro, which enables to edit, create, convert and adding security to PDF files. Like other PDF software’s, Nitro PDF Pro 10 also have some disadvantages is that not support embedding of audio and video files and not opens the ePUB format files also. As compared to other PDF softwares, it is excellent in features and performance. This review is based on the trial version of Nitro Pro 10 suit. If your business needs PDF handling software, Nitro pro 10 suit is recommended. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus.

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