8 Jul 2016

Nitro Pro Tutorials for Beginners: How to Use Nitro Pro PDF Software Tutorial

Nitro Pro is one of the best multipurpose PDF tool software which can be used for professional as well as home uses. It is combined features of PDF reader, Editor, Creator, Converter and security. Nitro Pro is main competitor of the Adobe Acrobat, which selling is lower price and offers similar features inside it. This Nitro Pro tutorials is part of my review post for better understanding and finding the pros and cons of this PDF software. Nitro Pro Tutorials is mainly focused on beginners and intermediate level people. It explains the basics of Nitro 10 from the user-interface, tools; features like PDF viewer, Editor, Creator, Converter and more. In this tutorial, I am going explain each and every tool.
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Note: Here I am using the Nitro Pro 10 Trial Version (14-day) for Making this beginner level tutorials. If you are interested to buy this software, checkout Nitro Pro 10 Honest Review here.

Nitro Pro Tutorials are:-

  • Nitro Pro 10 User Interface
  • How to Use Nitro Pro PDF Creator
  • How to Use Nitro Pro PDF Editor
  • How to Use Nitro Pro PDF Converter
  • How to Protect PDF using Nitro Pro 10
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Nitro Pro Tutorials 1: Nitro Pro 10 User Interface Explained

For using software easily, you should have proper knowledge about its user interface (UI). It helps to find out the desired tools or options as per your requirement. Like that, Nitro Pro PDF software also got good user-interface; ribbon type like Microsoft office 2013 have. Here I am going mention some of the important Nitro Pro UI, which is very helpful for working with this professional PDF tool.
nitro pro 10 user interface

Quick Access Toolbar

It contained at the top of the Nitro Pro 10 interface, which contains some of the frequently used options. The options are Open, Save, Print, Undo Redo, Touch/Mouse Mode and Customize quick access toolbar. You can add other tools or options to quick access toolbar, if you need through Customize quick access toolbar.

File Menu

File menu is located just below the Quick access tool bar which showed in the above figure. It contains some common options like Open, Save, Print, Send, optimize and also batch processing and batch print options. You can also open file from your One drive online space.

Ribbon Tabs

Except File Menu, other options like Home, Edit, Review, Forms, protect, Cloud and Help are attached as Ribbon type like in the latest Microsoft Office. Home tab contains main tools for creating and converting the PDF files. The Edit tab provide tools for PDF editing and review tab helps to markup text, annotate etc. Each and every tab have their own desired functions will see on the later tutorials.

Information Bar

It provides information’s about the PDF files as you opened using Nitro pro 10. It will inform about the PDF file interactive fields and condition of it (means encrypted or not).

Find Bar

nitro pro 10 find bar

It allows finding particular word on the search bar and enabled by pressing “Ctrl + F”.

Document Pane

The main interface in which you can see the PDF files contents is called Document pane.

Paging and Zoom Controls

The lower most orange colored portion is called Paging Controls bar. It helps to control the page and also shows the current page viewing in your document pane. The right side of the paging controls contains zoom controls and different view settings. You can set the documents size by using these controls.

Sidebar Navigation Panes

The sidebar contains the all page previews with page number. You can easily navigate through pages and advance search option is also included. The attachment file option helps to view, add or delete the attachments from your PDF file. It also shows bookmarks, signatures and layers.

Nitro Pro Tutorials 2: How to Use Nitro Pro as PDF Creator

Nitro Pro PDF suit is one of the best tool for creating PDF in your laptop or PC in professional way. In this Nitro Pro tutorial,the view shows how to use Nitro Pro PDf software for creating new PDF format files in Computer. Watch the tutorial and share your honest opinions about it. thank you.

Nitro Pro Tutorials 3: How to Use Nitro Pro as PDF Editor

In this video tutorial, you can see how to use Nitro Pro PDF tool for editing a portable document format file. It also explains the useful tools in this software and its functions. This is just intro of nitro pro video tutorials for beginners and detailed will update soon below.

Nitro Pro Tutorials 4: How to Use Nitro Pro to Convert PDF to XLS (Excel Format)

This nitro pdf video tutorial shows how to convert pdf to xls file format in detail. If you have table format pdf file, you can convert that into excel/spreadsheet/xls format.

Nitro Pro Tutorials 5: How to Use Nitro Pro to Convert PDF to PPT (Presentation Format)

To convert pdf to ppt or presentation format file, watch this video tutorial now.

Nitro Pro Tutorials 6: How to Use Nitro Pro to Convert PDF to Doc Format

This is nitro pro video tutorial showing how to convert pdf to doc or documrnt or word format using Nitro pro 10 software. Watch this nitro pro video tutorial and share your opinions about it.

Nitro Pro Tutorials 7: How to Convert Scanned Image Text to Searchable and Editable PDF/Text 

In this tutorial, you can learn the OCR (Optical Recognition Technology) used in Nitro Pro pdf converter software. OCR can helps to identify the scanned text characters and helps to convert to searchable and editable text or pdf file. For example, if you have scanned copy your text book and you have make search the text throughout them. For that, you can first convert text book into make searchable and editable using OCR of Nitro pro software., I hope this video will help to do this job easily. Watch it and rate it. Thank you

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