6 Jul 2016

PDF Reader Basic Features Explained

PDF reader is a software which help to view, navigate, print and share portable document format file (PDF). That means to open the pdf file in your computer or Smartphone, you need supporting pdf viewer or apps in your device. In earlier times, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the only one in market which helps to handle the PDF files. Now, the situation is changed and PDF files are used every where to safe handling of documents. Most of the companies including the governments, also handle the digital file transfer is through the PDF format files. Because it provides better security, portability, independent of operating system, hardware and application softwares.

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pdf readers basic features

Why Best PDF Reader is needed in Your PC?

One of the main reason is that PDF files are made in the size of A4 or A3, which useful for printing it into a paper. But in your computer screen it not suits well. The view mode will take care of the PDF reader software which is installed in your PC. Another reason is that if you have to mark or comment or annotates anything within your PDF file, without a PDF reader it is impossible. The PDF creation and conversion tools are another part which is possible only if you have professional paid PDF reader software like Adobe Acrobat Pro, Foxit PhantomPDF or Nitro Pro Suit.

Basic Features Need for PDF Viewer Software

Here I am going to mention some basic features should need for PDF reader. Just check out these features before downloading it from the internet.

User-Interface (UI)

The PDF viewer user-interface should be very simple, easy to understand every tools contained it and well organized. The Adobe Reader UI is one of the best and other PDF viewers like Nitro PDF Reader, Foxit Reader, and Sumatra PDF etc uses ribbon like interface which is used in MS office. Everything showed in UI must be very simple, graphically easy to understand and tools are well arranged to easy access. Also User interface must show the useful information about PDF file, when you try to open it. That means, about security restrictions, form fields, digital certificates, copy rights etc. It should help to increase the visibility of contents and graphical representation without any loss. Overall UI of PDF viewer always matters to get good reading experience.


Most of the paid PDF readers have bigger setup file size, because it contains more features than freeware. Because of the size, the performance might be less as compared with small sized PDF readers. The PDF file should be open very fast in PDF viewer within seconds, gives good performance and should not overload the system CPU also.

Different Views and Navigation Tools

PDF files are always created in paper size of A4 or A3, which is printable in A4 or A3 paper respectively. But this size in a computer screen always cause problem to user experience and need to adjust the zoom level for reading the documents. By the use of good PDF reader, it will automatically open to its UI and view the document in bigger size. It also helps to find contents, zoom in/out, rotate, Different view templates, Full screen viewing, integration with internet browsers and PDF document properties. The each tool in PDF reader is easy to use and tutorials will share later on my upcoming posts. These are the common features of PDF reader which helps to view your portable document format file in better way. Before downloading a PDF viewer checkout these common basic features are best suits to you or not.

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