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Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 Windows 8.1 Themes Free Download

Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 Windows 8.1/8/7 Themes

Need for speed MostWanted 2012 is wonderful racing game also known as “NFS MostWanted 2012”, developed by Criterion Games. As like the other need for speed racing series games publisher is Electronics Arts, one of the biggest sports and racing gaming company in the world. It is one of the best and second versions of MostWanted pc games with high quality graphics details and nice gameplay. It also includes the cop racing experience along with carrier storyline. This post contains Need for speed MostWanted 2012 windows 8.1/8/7 themes free download.

need for speed mostwanted 2012 games windows themes

Let’s see the NFS MostWanted 2012 Windows 8.1 themes features.

This themes contains 11 high quality wallpapers of Need for speed MostWanted 2012 which create your desktop superb and give nice look. All NFS wallpapers are nicely shoted from the NFS MW2012 game and additional 3 log on screen are included. This works on windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows RT and other windows versions(home premium, professional and ultimate). It is developed by expothemes.

If you are big fan of Need for speed MostWanted 2012, it will be the perfect fit for your desktop or laptop screen. Free download the NFS MostWanted 2012 windows 7/8 themes and makes your screen beautiful.
Enjoy windows 7/8 free themes!

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Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Free Download

Microsoft visual C++ is one of the best software from Microsoft. The C++ 2013 redistributable packages are mainly for Microsoft Visual studio 2013 which is loaded with many new and improved features from the Microsoft C++ 2010 Express. The Microsoft C++ 2013 is helps to create and edit programs or softwares and provide platform support for many other programs, games etc.
It supports new Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP. It is very simple and have user-friendly interface like the previous version. Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 can be install on Your PC, if you don’t have Visual Studio 2013. The free download contains the supporting run components helps to install on your PC.
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  • Processor: must be 1.6 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 1GB or higher
  • HardDisk Space: 10GB or higher
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer: Microsoft

Visual C++ 2013 Features

Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 is new version specially developed for visual Studio 2013 support version. But we can also use it as single compiler for create or edit new C++ based programs on your computer. There are many new and improved features associated with this compiler software.
First of all, Visual C++ has improved support of ISO C/C++ standards. The C++ compiler have great support of ISO C++ 11 language features which provide delegated constructors, new explicit conversions, raw string literals, alias and variadic templates, NSDMIs (Non-static data member initializers etc. And also supports ISO C99 features such as Bool functions, compound literals, designated initializers and mixing declaration with code.
Another cool feature of Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 is that C99 libraries and C++ libraries improvements. It introduces new headers such as complex.h, stdbool.h, fenv.h and inttypes.h. The newly implemented C++ wrapper headers are ccomplex, cfenv, cinttypes, ctgmath, cctype, clocale, cmath, cstringcwctype etc. It have C+= library enhancement with newly added C++ REST SDK, AMP texture, PPL tasks supports. These supporters help to compile programs in error free manner and helps to debugging process. 
Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 also contains the 3D graphics enhancements such as image content pipe line, image editor and model editor. As we consider the performance features of C++ 2013, auto-vecorizer feature helps to run faster by optimizing the C++ patterns. The quality improvements are done by the atom microstructure and ARM platform.  C++ AMP is new feature which completely eliminates the data copying between GPU and CPU. Thereby reduce the load of shared memory and keeps C++ programs to run faster in your computer. Profile guided optimization (PGO) improvements are positively affects the performance features.

4 Tips to Finding a New WordPress Theme

By Jon Anthony White
The first thing bloggers usually do when first getting set up on a WordPress platform is finding and installing a good WordPress theme. It's been a common practice among bloggers to upgrade their blog design every once in a while because they think the theme is either boring or possibly an outdated design. Finding and installing a new theme takes time to carry out and the process is taking you away from your main blogging activities.
One day you'll take a look at your blog and see that it may or may not need updating. Plus there are always new advancements in coding and plugin/widget requirements. Some of this new stuff will be associated with helping your blog reach higher rankings in the search results that can generate new web traffic every single day.
I have compiled a list of things you can do that can make your WordPress theme hunt a little easier.
1) Adjusting Your WordPress Theme Columns
Most of the time you will have a few choices in how to format your blog columns.
Using a 2-column format is great if you want your readers to focus mainly on your own content. This works best if you're not using any outside links such as Google AdSense or any other text or photo based ads on your blog.
A 3-column format is great if you are blogging for profit. This will accommodate Google AdSense and any other type of text link ads. Your content will be in the middle and the side columns have the space for the paid ads.
2) Branding and Images
Always choose a WordPress theme that allows you to edit the header image. The header is the top part of your blog that can contain your blog name and an image of you or anything you want for your personal branding.
Your theme should not contain too many distracting default images, it can distract your readers away from your content. Some of the top bloggers have minimal distractions using very basic themes.
3) Plugins and Compatibility with Your Theme
There are thousands of different plugins to choose from and it is very daunting to find those you really need. Most will be compatible with many themes but some plugins have certain requirements. Occasionally, plugins ask you to enter code in different places and some can even have compatibility issues with other plugins you have installed.
The simpler looking themes are usually the easiest to work with. If a theme has more features than another, it usually means more work for you over time because there are so many more details to go over and manage.
One of the questions you should ask yourself is, do you want to create content or do you want to learn how to code a website? The latter can take time away from what your first goal is, and that's to create content for your blog.
4) Installation of Your WordPress Theme
Be sure that your new WordPress theme is installed with no hiccups beforehand. Some themes can be an easy transition while some others may need you to move certain elements around. You'll want minimal downtime as you complete this process because it can mean loss of revenue if you are depending on ad income or opt-in leads.
After installing the new theme, click around your live blog to find anything missing or not working right and error messages. You can always switch back to your original theme if things aren't going as planned with the new theme.
On the other hand, you can always outsource the task of installing a new WordPress theme instead of spending your own time on it. There are many web design companies to choose from for the job. This concludes my basic guide to finding a good WordPress theme. Go out there and blog about anything and everything and stay focused my friend.
John A White is an Entrepreneur, Attraction Marketing, and Social Media Professional. If you are serious about the success of your business and your marketing practices, then you need quality resources. Check out my blog to learn more about blogging. Also, watch my Las Vegas SEO video to find out how we can help you with your search engine optimization needs, thank you.
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Free Download Bandicam 2 Computer Video Recorder Features

Do you know about features of Bandicam computer video recorder? It is one of the simple computer video recorder which helps to take screenshots and making videos with your desktop. The DirectX/OpenGL recoding feature enables the pc gameplay recording using this computer video recorder.
As compared with Fraps, Bandicam results very less sized video files, because of the high compression ratio. The hardware acceleration tools and continuous screen capture feature adds up great vault to this computer video recorder.
Bandicam video recorder also supports MPEG, Xvid, Avi etc video codec and PCM, mpeg audio codec. It works on windows 8.1, windows 8, windows 7, windows vista and windows xp. This post contains the free download Bandicam and explains the key features of them.
Credits: TecappVault
Key Features                                                                                                                  
  • Best computer video recorder with High quality video recording and screen capture
  • High compression ratio results small video files
  • Ultra HD resolution features
  • Nvidia, Intel quick sync and AMD h.264 encoder acceleration
  • Improved user-interface and simple to operate
  • Supports vieo codec such as Xvid, AVI, MPEG, MJPEG and more
  • Supports audio codec PCM and MPEG ½ layer
  • Support image formats like BMP, PNG and JPEG with high quality
  • Advanced frame rate control management
System Requirements                                                                                                             
  • OS: Windows8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  • Size: 9MB
  • License: Paid (Free Version available)
  • Languages: En-US
  • Hardisk space: 10 MB or higher
The Pros & The Cons                                                                                                      
The Pros
  • Easy to use
  • No lag and high quality output
  • Compatible with windows OS
  • Record anything you want in your PC
The Cons
  • Not fully free.
  • Must pay to remove bandicam water mark
Bandicam Video                                                                                                                   

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10 Things You Might Not Know About the Adobe Creative Cloud

10 Things You Might Not Know About the Adobe Creative Cloud 10 Things You Might Not Know About the Adobe Creative Cloud
By Justin Trump
For years the industry standard in creative design software has been Adobe and their Creative Suite products. Just over a year ago Adobe released their Creative Cloud. As I talk to many design professionals in the industry, there seems to be either a complete lack of understanding, or some misconceptions about the product and program. Having sold hundreds of copies of the Creative Cloud, I talk about the product on a regular basis.
Here are a few things you might not know about the Adobe Creative Cloud.
1) Traditional Licensing is Ending
If you've purchased any Adobe creative products over the last ten years, you're familiar with their licensing program. You call your reseller, or go on Adobe's website, tell them which products you want, pay a one-time fee, and the software is yours to use. This traditional licensing program is ending. For corporate accounts, Adobe will stop selling traditional licensing April 2014. For non-profit/education customers, it will happen sometime before the end of 2014.
This is significant, because if you don't want to move to the Adobe Creative Cloud yet, you will want to load up on licenses before the traditional program ends. Once that cutoff date happens, your only choice will be to purchase on the Creative Cloud.
2) Non-Creative Products Can Still Be Licensed
One big misconception we see is that people think all Adobe products are now only available through the subscription model. This is not true. Any product that is considered non-creative, such as Acrobat and EchoSign, are still available to be licensed. These products are included in Creative Cloud, but don't have to purchased through the subscription model.
3) Teams Versus Single Apps
In the traditional licensing program, you had a lot of options. You could purchase the Master Collection, Design & Web Premium, Production Premium, Design Standard, or any individual item you want. This is no longer the case for the Creative Cloud. As of right now, you have two choices: Creative Cloud for Teams or Single Apps. The Creative Cloud for Teams is a one size fits all type solution. It includes every creative product that Adobe has to offer and a few products that are only available through the CC (TypeKit, Kuler, Story CC Plus, ProSite, etc).
If this plan is too expensive for you, or it's a bit overkill for what you need, you can purchase a number of items as a Single App. Here's a list of Single Apps available: Acrobat Pro, After Effects, Audition, Dreamweaver, Flash Pro, Illustrator, InCopy, InDesign, Muse, Photoshop, Prelude, Premiere Pro, SpeedGrade, and Story CC Plus.
4) The VIP Program
How you purchase CC now is completely different. You can't just call up your reseller and purchase the license. If you want to subscribe to CC, you have to apply to the VIP program through your reseller and get a VIP ID. You will receive a link from Adobe asking you to accept their Terms & Conditions to complete the process. This ID needs to be referenced on every purchase you make.
I caution you, be careful who your initial purchase is made through. Once that reseller applies for your VIP ID, that ID is attached to that reseller. If you need to make a subsequent purchase, you will either need to go through the same reseller, or ask them to help get it switched to another. Good luck with that.
5) Subscriptions Are Pro-Rated
Once you receive your VIP ID, you establish the base-line for your renewal month. Any subsequent purchase you make will be pro-rated to the initial purchase month. Please note: this only applies when purchasing an annual subscription.
6) Installation Media is No Longer Available
If you've depended on installation media kits before, you will no longer be able to purchase them. Adobe has done this to reduce the amount of illegal copies being created and sold online. You can now only download the products through the licensing website.
7) Free Updates
This is one of the reasons why Adobe switched to a subscription based model. If you are using a CC product, any updates that Adobe releases for the product will now be included. This will eliminate the issue of compatibility for any organization with multiple users.
Under the traditional licensing program, upgrades were an option that you could purchase either upfront on the maintenance plan, or when you were ready to upgrade. This created several problems. What if the contact at company changed, and the new contact didn't know there was a maintenance plan? They would turn around and purchase new licenses when they were entitled to the upgrades for free. Also, some resellers weren't giving a company the discounted upgrade price at the time of purchase, they were charging them the full price for the product. Both of these meant the customer was spending money they didn't need to spend.
8) The Only Thing Cloud About CC is the Storage
This is the biggest misconception I see about the Adobe Creative Cloud. I will say this very clearly. Your software is still installed on your computer. You do not need to be connected to the internet to use the software. Your software is not somehow "streamed" online through a web browser.
The only thing cloud about CC is the storage. You have the option to store your files in Adobe's data centers... if you want to. I've seen a huge concern from users as to the security about cloud based storage. Listen, if you don't feel comfortable putting your files in the cloud, you don't have to use it. You can still save the files on a server or external hard drive. Administrators can disable the cloud storage. The downside is you miss out on some of the collaboration tools Adobe offers, but you can keep your peace of mind.
9) Buyer Beware- The Lure of Promotional Pricing

I have heard a number of times people say, "Well, I can get it for such and such price on Adobe's website". Beware of the promo pricing you see, whether on Adobe's site, or through a reseller. Adobe has lured many users in with promo pricing from time to time, only to jack the pricing up after a year. Also, resellers have offered promo pricing only to hi-jack your VIP ID and make it impossible to switch to a different partner, and charging you significantly more on subsequent orders.
The point here is DO YOUR HOMEWORK before purchasing. Make sure that you are comparing apples to apples when reviewing different offers. Ask your reseller their process for transferring the VIP ID if you want to purchase the next order through somebody else.
10) Adobe CCT Support Calls
This is possibly one of the biggest upsides that people don't know about with the Creative Cloud for Teams. Any time you purchase a Creative Cloud for Teams subscription, every year Adobe will give your company two one-on-one phone calls with an Adobe expert. This will allow your team to ask questions, learn cool tricks, find new ways of doing things, learn a more in depth understanding of products they're not familiar with, and so much more. As long as you renew your subscription, you can continue receiving these support calls every year. Note, this only applies to CCT, it does not apply to any Single Apps or other purchase plans.
What about you? What has your experience with the Creative Cloud been like? What bits of information have you learned that others can benefit by knowing?
About the Author- Justin Trump has sold hundreds of copies of the Adobe Creative Cloud and maintains a website dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs grow.
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Tips for Better Website Hosting

Tips for Better Website Hosting Tips for Better Website Hosting
By Yogita Parab
As a business owner, a person must have noticed the need of having web presence to get a huge list of patrons. Having a great presence is the key to success. This greatly helps to increase revenues to a great extent. With the ever-increasing competition, it has become important that a business come up with new and creative ideas to keep a strong relationship with the regulars. With the increasing usage of Internet every day, it is vital that a business has a huge presence in the Internet world. Taking all these aspects into consideration, there are many businesses that have gone to the virtual world. Having a fan page and social networking site is not enough to get great presence. It is of paramount importance to have a website. Another aspect that needs enough consideration is how to make it large in the online world. At times, having a well-designed and structured site might not prove helpful. It is vital to opt for hosting too.
Importance of web hosting is felt when it comes to increasing visibility. There are many aspects that are often taken into consideration when running a website. It does not end with designing, uploading content, structuring, uploading videos and high clarity pictures. This normally helps people and businesses to make their website accessible to the world easily and effectively. It does not matter whether it is small-scale or large-scale business, one can earn enormous profits through this. They are the first step to getting huge popularity. Consider these vital tips when opting for effective web hosting.
1. Bandwidth provided - This probably refers to the size which determines how much of data are easily uploaded or downloaded. The bandwidth is always provided according to the size of the data. For instance, if the data is around 1MB, the bandwidth provided would that be of 10MB. This feature will help to get great online presence.
2. Storage amount - This typically implies storing of the data safely. Many firms often look for unlimited storage as this helps to store as much of data possible.
3. Site backup - This is one of the most important factors as there is every possibility of the computer experiencing wear and tear at regular intervals. This might lead to losing some of the important files, folders and data due to virus attack or any other reason. To avoid such a situation, webmasters are always advised to opt for backup option.
4. Domains and emails - Opt for a reliable domain and email platform. Businesses today have different platform for emails, domains. Under such a situation, one must opt for a reliable platform for the same.
There are different types of web hosting such as free, shared, dedicated and collected. It is good to choose the one that best suits the needs of the relevant site. Dedicated hosting allows hosting website on its own server.
Yogita Parab is the author of this article. Find more information, about Website Hosting here UK Hosting
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HostGator Review - Web Hosting Services

HostGator Review - Web Hosting Services HostGator Review - Web Hosting Services
By Greg M Artz
Why did I choose HostGator?
I chose HostGator because of their excellent reputation and competitive prices; I saw that lots of people used them and seemed to be happy with their services. It also helped when I saw HostGator reviews that consistently ranked them as having the best customer service in the industry. I was a little leery because of their low prices, but I figured all those people online couldn't be wrong.
HostGator Review
I signed up for the Baby Plan; this plan allows you to host unlimited domains without having to pay an extra fee. I like the fact that I can build more websites without having to worry about expansion costs; other website hosting services charge you more money when you add additional sites. At about six dollars a month, I could host as many domains as I wanted.
They also give you unlimited space and data transfer; other web hosting companies limit these and charge you when you go over a specified amount. In the past, I have been surprised by other hosting companies with unexpected charges on my bill that I didn't particularly care for. I have not had that problem with HostGator.
Good Customer Service
HostGator is known for their exceptional customer service. If you host a site with them, you can contact them through the phone, live chat and email. I've only used the live chat option; the service was top-notch. I had a customer service representative working on my problem in less than five minutes. I had somehow messed up the permalinks in my blog; the customer service representative got me up and running in less than 15 minutes.
HostGator made it really simple to set up my blog; they offer one click CMS installs. When you log into cPanel, you can click on the WordPress icon to have the installation done automatically. You don't have to worry about setting up WordPress from scratch; other website hosting services make the process a lot harder. After your CMS is installed, they instantly mail you your login and password; it is quite simple.
Problems With WordPress
If you build your websites too large and install too many WordPress plugins, you may experience problems with HostGator. When these websites get too large they will cause the Apache system to crash and therefore your website will temporarily go down. You would then have to call customer service and have Apache restarted. It doesn't happen too often, just keep this in mind and try not to install too many WordPress plugins so you don't have these issues.
Backing up Files
HostGator automatically backs up all of your files for free. If your site ever gets ruined or hacked, they can restore it for you. I still recommend backing your site up manually, but they give you an extra layer of security by doing automatic backups and storing them for you. They also allow you to set up unlimited emails for your domains; it's pretty nice to be able to set up emails whenever you need them.
In Conclusion
HostGator is one of the most reliable web hosting companies online. Just be sure to keep your websites adequate size, otherwise you will need to upgrade to a bigger hosting package so your websites stay at optimal performance.
Greg is a loving father of six children and enjoys spending quality time with them. He enjoys writing, taking vacations, and just hanging out with his family. He is has been in internet marketing for the last three years and enjoys researching and testing products that he can recommend.
This HostGator Review was intended to help you decide whether or not web hosting services would be beneficial for your new website. If you would like more information on how different marketing tools can help your business even further, you can visit to learn more.
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How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Plan

How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Plan How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Plan
By Bharat Singh Rawat
The path to successful online presence requires considerable technical skill. This is quite daunting to the new business owner who is more comfortable with traditional marketing techniques. Having a website designed and ready, the next step is successful online uploading, for which you need an appropriate hosting plan. The right hosting plan is the one that meets your needs, budget as well as makes your online presence a smooth experience.
There is such a bewildering range of choices that it is difficult for the average website owner to select the one that most suits his requirements. But if you keep the following four main criteria in mind while selecting an appropriate web hosting plan, you will avoid unnecessary problems later on.
Consistent and Dependable Service
This is the key requirement for any web hosting plan. The service provider should be able to provide constant uptime to your website without any hitches or blanket limits. Another quality that is equally important is the provision for technical support if there are any problems. This is extremely relevant for the website owner who is not tech savvy. You can find this out by taking a look at the reviews of the hosting company.
Scope for Change in the Future
It is a foregone conclusion that over time your hosting requirements will change. As your enterprise grows online, you may need to changeover to a different plan that is more conducive to your changed circumstances. It is important to keep provision for future growth and to choose a plan that offers flexibility. When selecting a webhosting plan check out the ease of change from one plan to another as well as the cost of an upgrade. Besides this, confirm whether it will be possible to switch to another company with minimum hitches, should you find a better option later.
Standard of services
Web hosting that is based on the latest technologies is a must if your website is to offer a superior user experience to your visitors. One of the things that you should check for is cPanel that offers the ability to manage your website through a control panel. If you intend to create your own website, then Fantastico can make the process very simple for you. Features like MySQL 5 and PHP 5 make your experience a smooth one. When you check for the quality of services, make sure that the latest versions are being offered by the hosting company. You would not want to be stuck with outdated techniques.
This is an important criterion for a beginner with a limited budget who has so many starting expenses. But it should not be the main guiding force. In the long run, cheap may not necessarily be the most economical. If the level of services is good then a little investment will pay for itself through better performance. Look for web hosting plans offered by affordable companies like Hostgator or Bluehost which provide quality with reasonable rates.
India Net Craft is one of the best web hosting company in India. Are you looking for a domain name registration for your own brand to create you online presence? We provide web hosting services in your budget prices.
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Affordable Web Hosting Service for Your Business

Affordable Web Hosting Service for Your Business Affordable Web Hosting Service for Your Business
By Linda Brokopp
On a daily basis, thousands of people are registering domain names and hosting their websites for their their personal use or their new business. However, how do you really know where to register your domain name and what service provider to sign up with for your web hosting services.
Here are 6 specific aspects you can look for to help you decide with company you choose to register your domain name and web hosting services.
First, it is necessary to decide on how many domain names you intend on registering and whether the domains will be either personal or for your business. The average cost for registering a domain can be anywhere from $1.00 to $15.00.
And, depending on the business you register, it could cost a fair bit more however, you would be able to find out the cost, once you search and register your domain.
Once your domain is registered, then you will need to direct your domains to a web hosting service company. But, what plan will you purchase and why?
If you have one or two domains, then opt for a basic plan which costs approximately $5.00 per month. You can always upgrade whenever necessary.
There are a few things to watch out for when looking to sign up for a hosting company.
1. Customer Service
One aspect in particular is: customer service. How can you contact the web hosting company? Is it by a 1-800 number or by live chat or both?
2. Hours of Operation
And, when are their hours of operation? Are they open from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, or are they open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week? This really makes a difference especially if you require help immediately for your business needs.
3. Amount of Web Space
Amount of web space is also important because if you have a small website 5MB of space will be plenty for your needs. However, a large site might require a bit more especially if you intend on adding a lot of images, videos or sound files.
4. FTP Access
It is necessary to have FTP access, in order to have the ability to upload your website pages easily. This is particularly helpful for web developers as well.
5. Email
Does your web hosting company allow for you to set up an email account and name your email whatever you wish? It is important to be able to select an email name that corresponds with your website in order to look professional as a business.
6. Control Panel
This is also known as the c-panel. It is important to have access to your own c-panel so that you can control adding or deleting passwords, email accounts. You definitely want control over your website so that when you need to make a change, you can quickly log into your account and make the necessary changes. It avoids having to speak with technical support for every change you need to make to your website.
There are other more technical requirements however, those items would be understood and taken care of by the programmer, who will work on and oversee your website.
When you search the internet, you will find hundreds of web hosting companies from which you can choose. For your convenience, Stellarpoint Inc. [] has very affordable web hosting services. This company has $1 web hosting [] and templates available for you to create a website, free of cost. There are three different web hosting plans available.
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Social, Mobile and Personalization - The Future of CRM

Social, Mobile and Personalization - The Future of CRM Social, Mobile and Personalization - The Future of CRM
By Saira Riaz
Customer data is a critical commodity for businesses as it not only defines the problems faced by clients but also helps in creating effective strategies which target the right audience for your products. Therefore, recent trends in technology concentrate on communication as well as effective collaboration. These new trends suggest that a business requires a central source of data to track customer interactions, tasks, contacts and any deal in the pipeline. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) works as a single platform for customer data and helps in interacting with clients in a frequent manner.
In this competitive world where we see advancements in technology every year, companies can only achieve success with meeting the expectations of their customers. A web-based CRM initiative among businesses has been for cost-cutting measures as well as increasing the operational efficiency of the employees. And many CRM solutions provide economic stability to the companies with such benefits. According to recent surveys, organizations are now looking for new ways to gain a competitive advantage and CRM solutions are evolving with this demand. Now, CRM apps are cloud-based instead of hosted on-premises. Similarly, customers require capabilities such as personalization, analytics and mobility from CRM which can also integrate with social networking platforms to ensure growth.
With the increasing use of Smartphones and social networking sites, customers demand relevant and useful information about the products through these channels. Similarly, businesses can devise out-reach marketing strategies solely based on networking channels which is cost-effective. This ensures both businesses and consumers to mutually benefit from such programs as well as easily access or share information. In today's age of information, web-based CRM has become an essential part of businesses to grow. The integration of social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. with business marketing strategies is what has given birth to the concept of Social CRM services for both customers and businesses.
The use of mobile apps is on a continuous rise in recent years as Smartphones and tablets are replacing desktop computers in the work environment. In fact, businesses are not confined to cubicles anymore and many employees prefer to work on the move with the help of mobile devices. In the last three years, communication which was limited to telephones has moved to IM and mobile apps on almost every collaboration platform is available. CRM is no different as mobile-based apps have also made its way into the business world and will be making waves in near future. More and more CRM vendors want to provide their customers with an extraordinary experience and connectivity while on the go is a huge part of it.
Personalization is one of the most sought-after features of a web-based CRM solution which ensures effective interaction with potential customers around the globe. With customer relationships tailored according to the requirements of an individual, companies can ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business. Personalization is and will be a huge new trend among CRM vendors in 2014 to satisfy existing customers and ensure growth. With such advancements, web-based CRM solutions will help business strategies for the future as well. It will also help in gathering business as well as competitor analytics to make intelligent business decisions.
Saira is a social media writer and technology analyst who keeps her focus on the upcoming industry trends. She writes about hip new apps being used widely around the world and her take on these solutions. Currently, she is writing for Banckle and other customer service apps she comes across in her research.
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