9 Jul 2016

Free Download Foxit Reader Review _Read, Create, Convert & Secure PDF’s

Foxit reader is one of the top PDF reader which enables to read, create, convert and secure your pdf files. It is developed and published by Foxit Software Inc. This is free version pdf viewer which gives more features as compared to other freeware pdf readers. There is also business version available, but the free version is good enough to satisfy with most of the users and their requirements in terms of PDF files. This article is about Foxit Reader software review. It also includes the features and various uses of Foxit PDF Reader and free download of latest version of Foxit PDF Viewer fir Windows.

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Features of Foxit PDF Reader

Here I am going to explain various uses and features of Foxit Reader PDF software in detail. And you can find the free download link of the latest version lowest portion of this review post.

Foxit Reader as a PDF Reader

One of the main features of this pdf software is that used as a PDF Reader or viewer.  You very well know that business, government offices, education institutions, student’s project works and other consumers needs to read, print, view, and fill forms and other jobs. One of the perfect ways to do these jobs via Portable document format or PDF. So it needs one of the best pdf reader and you can select this free version software without any doubt. 

Foxit user interface is just like Microsoft Word UI, in which tools are arranged in ribbon like structure. Tools are very congested in this area and very difficult to select as in terms of beginner. But for free version pdf software, you can accept the challenge of selecting the tools.

The PDF viewing interface is very simple and depends on your screen resolution and other screen settings. You can zoom, rotate, annotate, mark works in documents, take print in both computer and paper and do other jobs too. You can also take snapshot of the reading pdf doc and paste to your Microsoft office tools. It is very helpful software doing my work since my collage (project works, data processing etc). 

Using this software you can easily fill up the exiting forms. It supports both Acroforms and XFA (XML Form Architecture) form filling. You can use Foxit reader in your Windows 10 Touch devices by enabling the touch screen mode. You can also return to normal mode by enabling the Mouse mode.

Foxit Reader as PDF Creator

The PDF creator feature of Foxit Reader is very helpful to create industrial standard PDF files in your computer. It contains three options such as from scanner, blank and from clipboard. From the scanner option helps to save the file as PDF format file. Blank option is little complicated and you need some exportable with this software to create new one.

But another cool feature is very simple and creates PDF in easy way via fully integration with Microsoft office software’s. The Foxit plugin is enabled with Microsoft office software’s integration feature and integrates with Word, PowerPoint and Excel add-ins. You can also embed the images videos and other files to make your pdf file more interactive and useful to other readers.

Foxit Reader Protection Features

Foxit RMS plug-in enables to apply restrict or unrestricted the access option to your document. This option allows users to decrypt or encrypt the pdf file. That is privatizing your document in easy way. ESignature solution helps to sign on your pdf doc with ease and protect your document from other misuse. It also enables to disable JavaScript to enable the maximum protection to your documents.

Foxit Reader Read out Loud Feature

This pdf software is also enables with Read out cloud option which read the pdf file word content. You can use computer speakers or headphones to hear the readings. There are sliders to adjust the volume and speed of readings.

Miscellaneous Features

As compared to Adobe Reader, it is very light weight, effective and enabled with lot of useful features. One of the best pdf alternatives to professional pdf tools. It also provide ConnectedPDF feature which helps to connect two or more related pdf files and get control over your documents. It provides great support to customers and fixes the bugs of this pdf reader quickly also.


Foxit Reader is one of the best pdf software which helps to read, create convert your pdf files. It is completely free version provides this much features. One of the cons about this pdf viewer is that ribbon like tool structure is very complicated and feel difficulties of select the tools quickly. Below you can see the Foxit Reader free download links of different versions.

Free Download Foxit Reader Latest Versions

Feel free to share your comments about this post and I will regularly update this with latest features of this PDF reader and its download links.  Thank you friends.

8 Jul 2016

Nitro Pro Tutorials for Beginners: How to Use Nitro Pro PDF Software Tutorial

Nitro Pro is one of the best multipurpose PDF tool software which can be used for professional as well as home uses. It is combined features of PDF reader, Editor, Creator, Converter and security. Nitro Pro is main competitor of the Adobe Acrobat, which selling is lower price and offers similar features inside it. This Nitro Pro tutorials is part of my review post for better understanding and finding the pros and cons of this PDF software. Nitro Pro Tutorials is mainly focused on beginners and intermediate level people. It explains the basics of Nitro 10 from the user-interface, tools; features like PDF viewer, Editor, Creator, Converter and more. In this tutorial, I am going explain each and every tool.
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Note: Here I am using the Nitro Pro 10 Trial Version (14-day) for Making this beginner level tutorials. If you are interested to buy this software, checkout Nitro Pro 10 Honest Review here.

Nitro Pro Tutorials are:-

  • Nitro Pro 10 User Interface
  • How to Use Nitro Pro PDF Creator
  • How to Use Nitro Pro PDF Editor
  • How to Use Nitro Pro PDF Converter
  • How to Protect PDF using Nitro Pro 10
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Nitro Pro Tutorials 1: Nitro Pro 10 User Interface Explained

For using software easily, you should have proper knowledge about its user interface (UI). It helps to find out the desired tools or options as per your requirement. Like that, Nitro Pro PDF software also got good user-interface; ribbon type like Microsoft office 2013 have. Here I am going mention some of the important Nitro Pro UI, which is very helpful for working with this professional PDF tool.
nitro pro 10 user interface

Quick Access Toolbar

It contained at the top of the Nitro Pro 10 interface, which contains some of the frequently used options. The options are Open, Save, Print, Undo Redo, Touch/Mouse Mode and Customize quick access toolbar. You can add other tools or options to quick access toolbar, if you need through Customize quick access toolbar.

File Menu

File menu is located just below the Quick access tool bar which showed in the above figure. It contains some common options like Open, Save, Print, Send, optimize and also batch processing and batch print options. You can also open file from your One drive online space.

Ribbon Tabs

Except File Menu, other options like Home, Edit, Review, Forms, protect, Cloud and Help are attached as Ribbon type like in the latest Microsoft Office. Home tab contains main tools for creating and converting the PDF files. The Edit tab provide tools for PDF editing and review tab helps to markup text, annotate etc. Each and every tab have their own desired functions will see on the later tutorials.

Information Bar

It provides information’s about the PDF files as you opened using Nitro pro 10. It will inform about the PDF file interactive fields and condition of it (means encrypted or not).

Find Bar

nitro pro 10 find bar

It allows finding particular word on the search bar and enabled by pressing “Ctrl + F”.

Document Pane

The main interface in which you can see the PDF files contents is called Document pane.

Paging and Zoom Controls

The lower most orange colored portion is called Paging Controls bar. It helps to control the page and also shows the current page viewing in your document pane. The right side of the paging controls contains zoom controls and different view settings. You can set the documents size by using these controls.

Sidebar Navigation Panes

The sidebar contains the all page previews with page number. You can easily navigate through pages and advance search option is also included. The attachment file option helps to view, add or delete the attachments from your PDF file. It also shows bookmarks, signatures and layers.

Nitro Pro Tutorials 2: How to Use Nitro Pro as PDF Creator

Nitro Pro PDF suit is one of the best tool for creating PDF in your laptop or PC in professional way. In this Nitro Pro tutorial,the view shows how to use Nitro Pro PDf software for creating new PDF format files in Computer. Watch the tutorial and share your honest opinions about it. thank you.

Nitro Pro Tutorials 3: How to Use Nitro Pro as PDF Editor

In this video tutorial, you can see how to use Nitro Pro PDF tool for editing a portable document format file. It also explains the useful tools in this software and its functions. This is just intro of nitro pro video tutorials for beginners and detailed will update soon below.

Nitro Pro Tutorials 4: How to Use Nitro Pro to Convert PDF to XLS (Excel Format)

This nitro pdf video tutorial shows how to convert pdf to xls file format in detail. If you have table format pdf file, you can convert that into excel/spreadsheet/xls format.

Nitro Pro Tutorials 5: How to Use Nitro Pro to Convert PDF to PPT (Presentation Format)

To convert pdf to ppt or presentation format file, watch this video tutorial now.

Nitro Pro Tutorials 6: How to Use Nitro Pro to Convert PDF to Doc Format

This is nitro pro video tutorial showing how to convert pdf to doc or documrnt or word format using Nitro pro 10 software. Watch this nitro pro video tutorial and share your opinions about it.

Nitro Pro Tutorials 7: How to Convert Scanned Image Text to Searchable and Editable PDF/Text 

In this tutorial, you can learn the OCR (Optical Recognition Technology) used in Nitro Pro pdf converter software. OCR can helps to identify the scanned text characters and helps to convert to searchable and editable text or pdf file. For example, if you have scanned copy your text book and you have make search the text throughout them. For that, you can first convert text book into make searchable and editable using OCR of Nitro pro software., I hope this video will help to do this job easily. Watch it and rate it. Thank you

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Feel free to share your honest opinions about this tutorial and thank you friends.

6 Jul 2016

PDF Reader Basic Features Explained

PDF reader is a software which help to view, navigate, print and share portable document format file (PDF). That means to open the pdf file in your computer or Smartphone, you need supporting pdf viewer or apps in your device. In earlier times, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the only one in market which helps to handle the PDF files. Now, the situation is changed and PDF files are used every where to safe handling of documents. Most of the companies including the governments, also handle the digital file transfer is through the PDF format files. Because it provides better security, portability, independent of operating system, hardware and application softwares.

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pdf readers basic features

Why Best PDF Reader is needed in Your PC?

One of the main reason is that PDF files are made in the size of A4 or A3, which useful for printing it into a paper. But in your computer screen it not suits well. The view mode will take care of the PDF reader software which is installed in your PC. Another reason is that if you have to mark or comment or annotates anything within your PDF file, without a PDF reader it is impossible. The PDF creation and conversion tools are another part which is possible only if you have professional paid PDF reader software like Adobe Acrobat Pro, Foxit PhantomPDF or Nitro Pro Suit.

Basic Features Need for PDF Viewer Software

Here I am going to mention some basic features should need for PDF reader. Just check out these features before downloading it from the internet.

User-Interface (UI)

The PDF viewer user-interface should be very simple, easy to understand every tools contained it and well organized. The Adobe Reader UI is one of the best and other PDF viewers like Nitro PDF Reader, Foxit Reader, and Sumatra PDF etc uses ribbon like interface which is used in MS office. Everything showed in UI must be very simple, graphically easy to understand and tools are well arranged to easy access. Also User interface must show the useful information about PDF file, when you try to open it. That means, about security restrictions, form fields, digital certificates, copy rights etc. It should help to increase the visibility of contents and graphical representation without any loss. Overall UI of PDF viewer always matters to get good reading experience.


Most of the paid PDF readers have bigger setup file size, because it contains more features than freeware. Because of the size, the performance might be less as compared with small sized PDF readers. The PDF file should be open very fast in PDF viewer within seconds, gives good performance and should not overload the system CPU also.

Different Views and Navigation Tools

PDF files are always created in paper size of A4 or A3, which is printable in A4 or A3 paper respectively. But this size in a computer screen always cause problem to user experience and need to adjust the zoom level for reading the documents. By the use of good PDF reader, it will automatically open to its UI and view the document in bigger size. It also helps to find contents, zoom in/out, rotate, Different view templates, Full screen viewing, integration with internet browsers and PDF document properties. The each tool in PDF reader is easy to use and tutorials will share later on my upcoming posts. These are the common features of PDF reader which helps to view your portable document format file in better way. Before downloading a PDF viewer checkout these common basic features are best suits to you or not.

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Feel free to share your honest opinions about it and Thank you friends.

What is Portable Document Format or PDF Features

Portable Document Format (PDF)

PDF or Portable Document format is a file format developed by Adobe Systems, which helps to present documents independent of hardware and OS. This type of file format have fixed layout in which users can display text, images, flash animations, graphics etc according to your purpose. Today, PDF is best file format used by most of the big business companies to handle their documents in safe way.

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Because of the independent of operating system and application softwares you can easily handle on any devices which support this format. These files are also allows you to view, navigate through pages, take printout, share via email and other online documents sites etc. It is completely a 2D program only supports two dimensional graphics, text and fonts. The file formats represented as “.pdf”.
what is portable document format or pdf

In the present world, there are lots of PDF readers and creation tools are available in the internet. One of the giant in this field is Adobe Acrobat ($200-300); developed of the portable document file format. There are other competitors are available (both free and paid versions) which are allows you to view, create, convert and edit PDFfiles. Some of the Best PDF readers are Foxit reader, Nitro Pro, SumatraPDF, PDF-Xchange Viewer, Adobe Reader, Built-in browser readers etc. These are the best alternatives to adobe Acrobat and paid versions are lower in price and worthy as compared to acrobat PDF tools.

Development of Portable Document versions

PDF is developed in the year of 1993 and that was the first version (PDFv1.0). At that time, it is just document with plain text, contained in fixed layout. From 1996, lots of new interactive features are added into the PDF files system up to 2011. Then the version is PDFv1.7. In This version PDF file format is one of the secure documents and allows to add more interactive features enhances the documents looks. To know more about it, read wiki page

Features of Portable Document File Format

  • It is very easy and simple to create using creation tools
  • Easy to view and explore through Portable document file
  • Highly portable file format; support every OS platforms and hardwares
  • Helps to encrypt your doc and helps to share office data safely through internet
  • Compression ability helps to convert larger doc files into smaller PDF files
  • It is safe from virus attack and other malicious attacks
  • Portable document format editing is not a simple task and requires additional editing tools
  • Paid PDF tools are available for professionals, but they are expensive
  • It is difficult to read in computer screen because of set in A4/A3 size. Need to use additional zoom tools to view properly or buy Readers tools.
Overall, portable document format is best file format to create documents and which allows transferring it safely through storage devices or internet. There is lot of PDF creation tools and readers are available as free and paid versions. Some free readers perform better than paid version like Foxit reader, Sumatra PDF etc.

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Nitro Pro 10 Review: Best Alternative for Adobe Acrobat

Nitro Pro 10 is multipurpose PDF tools application which contains PDF reader, editor, creator, digital signatures, certificates, form creator and security features. It is developed and published by Nitro Software. This software is one of the main competitors of Adobe Acrobat Professional, providing at lower price than adobe and easy to use in your pc. The Microsoft office 2013 ribbon like interface with well arranged tools is one of the main specialties of Nitro Pro 10 PDF reader. It contains both electronic document (PDF) view modes and direct editing is enabled. The new features included in Nitro Pro 10 suit are cloud storage access, share, additional security and form creation within PDF files. Let us see the honest review of Nitro Pro 10 suit.

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The Pros
  • Ribbon like user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Good performance
  • Improved security and editing capabilities
The Cons
  • No embedding of Video and audio files inside PDF
  • Not support Epub format conversion
  • Not free of cost; lower price than Adobe Acrobat

Nitro Pro 10 PDF Reader Review: User Interface (UI)

The Nitro pro 10 UI is one of the simplest interface with well arranged PDF tools. It follows the new Microsoft Office 2013 ribbon type; inside that all tools are categorized by using tabs. The menu bar is also combined with Tabs, except the File menu, which is still uses drop down menu.
free download Nitro Pro 10 PDF reader review

Top of the menu bar contain Quick access toolbars, which is very useful and helps to save the time of switching tabs for accessing the commonly used tools. You can also customize this toolbar as per your requirement. In the ribbon tabs, each Nitro Pro 10 tools shows its symbols and labels; also shows the function of them, when your mouse cursor stays above it.

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Then simple UI is also helps to use it as PDF reader with correct view for reading purposes of your office or professional data. You can also directly edit any type of PDF including encrypted (if you know the password) within this software. The “Fit width” is very helpful tool which fits the PDF files according to the computer screen size. Overall, the user-interface of Nitro Pro 10 makes itself as simple interface without any complications to access and providing proper information about each of the tools.

Nitro Pro 10 PDF Reader Review: Performance

In terms of Performance, Nitro pro 10 suit is good, having only 112 MB (offline) setup file as compared with Adobe Acrobat and easy to install. The installation contains two options; online and offline. Offline is recommended, because you can save the data charges for the Nitro Pro 10 setup download. The 14-day trial period is also provided for complete testing of this PDF Multipurpose software.

 It requires minimum needs 1 GHz processor and works with Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, windows7, Windows 8/8.1 and windows 10 (both 32 and 64 bits). The 512 MB Ram is enough for the smooth working of Nitro Pro 10, but 1 GB is recommended even if you job is higher than normal ones. The hard disk space availability is only 300 MB and Microsoft office 2003 or higher versions are required for effective operation of Nitro PDF Readers. Overall, it opens really faster in my computer and easy to use each and every tool. This portion will consciously update, if there is any problems founded by the regular use. For now, it is very good performing PDF software tool.

Nitro Pro 10 PDF Reader Review: Features

Nitro Pro 10 has various features like PDF reader, editor, creator, converter, security and more. Here only mentioned the main features and explain what their uses are.

As PDF Reader

free download Nitro Pro 10 PDF reader featurte

Portable document format file is one of the most used file format for transferring data in secure and effective manner. PDF formats are created in the A4 or A3 size format, which are not suits with your 15 inch computer screen. The Nitro Pro 10 is good in this job and using the “Fit width” tool you can fit any PDF file to your computer screen and easy to read the content. The background is simple white color which is best suits for your eyes causing less strain for reading. There is “hand” tool helps to grab and move to next page view. Also like every other PDF readers, Rotate and Zoom tools are also included.

As PDF Creator

The PDF creator is one of the fastest tools which create PDF’s within seconds. You should add the files as supporting formats like doc, xml, html, jpeg, png etc. It also allows to direct creation of PDF from the scanner files and you can access the scanner within your software itself. You can also combine up to 300 PDF files into one file at a time. Nitro also helps to create portfolio using different files.

The Nitro 10 interface is directly integrated with MS office in your PC, which provides easier creation of PDF files from the word itself. You can add the security features, file size optimization and view modes with in Nitro 10 add-on.

As PDF Converter

PDF converter tool is most attractive feature of Nitro Pro 10 software. It allows converting PDF file into Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF/A, image, rich text etc. You can simply add images into this software and convert to PDF files. But you couldn’t embed audio and video files into newly created or converted file as compared with competitors. It also not supports EPUB format types for conversion.

As PDF Editor

As PDF editor, Nitro Pro 10 is directly opens the portable document format files into viewer as well as editing interface. You can easily add text, graphics and files. One of the disadvantages of the Nitro 10 is that not supporting the embedding of audio and video in PDF files. Except this, all other tools are very helpful for polishing your files. You can add text, images, watermarks, backgrounds; edit headers, footers, image files etc. It also allows optimizing the PDF files as per your requirements.

Security and Protection

As PDF files are mainly used for business applications, security and protection is very important concern of many of clients. For that, Nitro Pro 10 includes two types of security; one if password based and other is based on certificate. The certificate based security is very good and provide excellent security to important documents. It would only opens when it matches the digital ID and could not be copied like password. Both the encryption are good addition to this PDF software.

Nitro Pro 10 PDF Reader Review: Help& Support

Nitro Pro 10 contains the separate Help tab which is mainly for new users. It contains user guides, product tour, knowledge base, asking questions; share your ideas, report problems associated with software, Contact Support and check for new updates of Nitro 10. There is some fee for personal dedicated assistance of Nitro team.

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Nitro Pro 10 suit is one of the best and low price alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Pro, which enables to edit, create, convert and adding security to PDF files. Like other PDF software’s, Nitro PDF Pro 10 also have some disadvantages is that not support embedding of audio and video files and not opens the ePUB format files also. As compared to other PDF softwares, it is excellent in features and performance. This review is based on the trial version of Nitro Pro 10 suit. If your business needs PDF handling software, Nitro pro 10 suit is recommended. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus.

Feel free to share your honest opinions in comment box below. Thank you friends.

22 Jul 2015

Free Windows 10 Upgrade: Windows 7 SP1&Windows 8.1Genuine Users Only

At last Microsoft announces the release date of their new operating system Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. It provides free Windows 10 upgrade for genuine Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 OS users. The update of Windows 10 will available on your PC started on July 29, 2015. Currently Microsoft provides it in form of update, once you upgrade the Window 10 on a device, and then is completely free on it. It will take about one hour in Windows 7 users and only 20 minutes for Windows 8.1 OS users.

The time is mostly consumed for downloading the update about 3GB, which is mainly depends on your internet connection speed. So, make ready your data card with high speed internet and data balance. One of the important things is that Microsoft doesn’t provides the upgrade option for all users. They set certain conditions and if you qualify that free Windows 10 upgrade is available on your door step on the release date. This article also shows Windows 10 features, how to reserve for new upgrading, system requirements etc.

Windows 10 Upgrade Details

Full version of Windows 10 for free 3 GB Download High speed internet connection required for fast upgrade Validity of Free offer: 1 Year from the date of availability

Conditions for Windows 10 Upgrade

  • Qualification for free offer: Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 devices, The updating only available for proper OS users, not for pirated ones.
  • Enable the Windows update option from your current OS control panel
  • Ensure that your device is compatible with Windows 10 working. If you have Windows 7 or 8.1, it will also works finely on your device.

Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 is upcoming operating system of Microsoft with completely improved user interface, apps changes, and flexibility to different devices. The developers offers improved the workflow your OS and faster in various operation. It also supports the iOS and android apps on your pc. The uniformity is another pledge of Windows 10 to make single OS for all the platforms like desktop, Laptop, Tablet and mobile phones. Let see the each features of windows 10 is detail manner.

 Credits: Microsoft

Familiar and Easy to Use UI

The Windows 10 offers very simple user interface and easy to use like your windows 7 operating system. When Windows 8 released with updated user interface and start menu, people needs separate assistance to access on different apps and very difficult to operate. Now, Microsoft again decided to get back for the familiar face of the user interface and start menu with certain improvements in looks as compared with the previous OS version. It also provides customization option for the new start menu.

Designed for Speedy Performance

In the Windows 7, the OS is little bit lag while on multi tasking process. It will consume more physical memory and slow down your computer. It almost balanced in Windows 8.1 OS, but Windows 10 offers more than that with some security features also. The new performance feature helps to snap up the four apps on the interface and use it at a time.

Cortana and Microsoft Edge

Cortana is new personal digital assistant which acts as reminder; helps to do things at right time. The Microsoft also leaves the internet explorer due to less secure and most vulnerable browser which is listed on 2014 survey. So, Microsoft leaves it and introduces new Microsoft Edge browser for doing internet stuff, sharing photos, watching videos etc. The new edge browser is compatible with add-ons of other popular inter browsers such as Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Windows Store for Apps

There are tons of apps are available on the windows store for downloading and install. These apps are vary by market. To see more visit official Microsoft Windows 10 website. Overall, Windows 10 operating system is combination the Windows 7 and positive sides of windows 8. It provides new UI, multitasking feature with more security, Cortana personal digital assistant, Microsoft edge and flexibility on different devices depends on their sizes. It also has ability to run both android and iOS applications without aid of a virtual software emulator.

Windows 10 System Requirements

Price Free for genuine users only
Processor Intel or AMD processor with minimum 1 GHz cloak speed
RAM 1 GB ( 32 bit) and 2 GB ( 64 bit) or higher
Operating System Genuine Windows 7 SP1/ Windows 8.1
HardDisk 16 GB to 20 GB or higher
Graphicscard DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 driver or higher
Languages Multiple Languages

How to Reserve for Windows 10

First you need to enable the windows update on your pc, which is accessed from the control panel. Inside it, you can see the system and security option (Windows 7). Then you can see that “Windows Update” and set it to install the recommended updates as your current setting. You need to install “Get Windows 10 App” on your PC to get windows icon on the taskbar is as shown in figure below.

The get Windows 10 app is only get through the system update KB3035583 and it helps install this app on your device. Click on it open app and new dialogue box will appear. You can see Reserve button inside it. Click on the “Reserve your free upgrade” button and enter your email address for reserving the free windows 10 upgrade slot.

You can cancel your reservation at anytime by clicking "Cancel Reservation". You also get an email confirmation on your email associated account about the windows 10 reservation details.

19 Jul 2015

Google Chrome Browser Downloads: Reliable Internet Browser

Google Chrome Browser New Version Free Download

If you are looking for simple, safe and faster internet browser, Google chrome browser is suitable for your PC. Chrome browser is developed by Google, which provide very simple user-interface with faster operation and browsing experience. The customizable interface makes this free internet browser simpler and manages the tabs and navigation's efficiently. New Google chrome browser is compatible with all windows operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8), Android and iOS platforms.

 The security features of chrome browser provide safe browsing experience. It contains sandboxing and safe browsing technology keeps alerts about virus, malware or phishing websites. Customizable features of chrome browser are chrome app store, extensions and themes.


(Credits: Google)

Quick Spec

Version: 33.0.1724.4
Price: $0
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, android, iOS (32 and 64 bit)
Size: 33.35 MB
License: Open Source
Developer: Google
Languages: Multiple languages

Key Features

    • Quick launch browser
    • Faster search and navigation
    • Quick loading of WebPages and web applications
    • Multi-process architecture provides efficient tab management in chrome
    • Built-in PDF viewer and tab as search tool
    • Safe browsing and sandboxing technologies prevent from internet threats
    • Customizable user-interface with apps, extensions and theme
    • Special privacy protection technology

In-Depth Features

Hi-speed Performance :-

Chrome is an open source internet browser which launches within seconds. The omnibox which is combined search and address bar tool which provides automatically suggestions and web addresses, when entering keywords in it. The Webkit open source rendering engine enables to load WebPages quickly and V8 JavaScript helps to run applications without any lag. For every latest Google chrome versions, Google try to update V8 and kraken JavaScript’s to enable faster operations.

Simple Internet browser:-

The Google, developer of chrome browser always try to keep it simple as possible. For beginner PC users, simple browser interface helps to operate with ease. Efficient tab management system helps to drag, rearrange tab snaps without any difficulties. Many web browsers are slowing down when opening a lot of tabs. But multi-process architecture prevent slow down of chrome browser. Built-in PDF viewer enables to open, print and download pdf’s document.

Safe Browsing & Sandboxing:-

Chrome browser blocks websites containing any malware or phishing contents with safe browsing technology. It gives warning message about the website. It also prevents the stealing of personal information’s from your PC. The sandbox technology provides an additional protection environment, protects from malware apps installation and downloads. It also continuously monitors browsing activities.

Customizable Features:-

Chrome web store is a nice web store contains new technologies which gives better education, gaming and productivity. Chrome extensions are tools which enables additional custom features like share buttons, screenshot tools etc. Google chrome can also customize the interface with chrome themes. Overall, New Google Chrome Browser is one of the best internet browser which provides faster, safe and simple browsing experience. There are many web browsers available out there such as Mozilla Firefox, avant, safari etc. Most of them are free to download. But, I prefer chrome browser because of unique and active features of it.

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 Review: Good Protection; Needs Upgrade for Full

Avast free antivirus new 2015 version is now available on the online software download websites. The new 2015 version is loaded with improved virus definition and other protection features to secure your pc from vulnerable attacks from both online and offline. The new Smart scan feature scans for viruses, your pc software updates, home network security and also checks for the performance issues associated with your computer. The anti-malware protection also improved as compared with Avast free antivirus 2014 and shows better performance. But I found certain cons of this free antivirus windows software.

Let us see the Avast Free Antivirus 2015 Review in Detail.

Smart Scan: Excellent Defense Tool

The new 2015 version is enabled with Smart scan feature which always make sure that your network connectivity, harddisk, system files, browser and pc performance is in good condition and free from vulnerabilities. I like the Home network security scan which scans the network and router for finding any attacks on it. It helps me to stay away from virus attacks through online.

You can enable the Smart scan by clicking on the “Scan” side button on avast antivirus interface and select the “Smart Scan”. Then it automatically scans for viruses, browser cleanup, software updater and home network security issues. After completing the scan it finds almost all issues such as virus attacks, malwares, browser junky add-ons, outdated software’s and network issues. To solve these problems you need to click on the “Resolve all” button and avast will takes care of your manual job for free. That is why I’m called excellent defense tool from the attacks.

Secure your PC while Online

The Avast free antivirus 2015 version have improved online console which only allows the trusted websites for browsing. It can bet easily installed on any windows pc and connect with your web browser. I also using new Mozilla Firefox v37 and while installing the Avast 2015; it asks for install avast plugin to browser. It really helpful plugin to find the trusted sites and get free from the phishing and malware attacks through online.

Another cool feature is SecureLine VPN which enables to stay away from hackers. You know that our online activities are always monitored by some people called hackers. They can enter our computer through certain malware programs, spam emails, unauthorized phone calls etc. The SecureLine VPN helps to hide our online activities from them by changing your location and IP address time by time. It uses the military grade encryption to protect your communication data. But the disappointing thing with free version of avast antivirus 2015 are that SecureLine VPN is only available for 7 day free trial. After that you need to pay some bucks for continuing the feature.

Simple UI and Easy Installation

The user interface is very simple and even an amateur guy can operate the free antivirus tool without any problems. The main buttons like Overview, Scan, Tools, Store, Settings etc are arranged on the left sidebar and right space is used to show the each sidebar option expansion. It is very easy to install, have both online and offline installation available. For installing the free version you can download the avast antivirus 2015 setup file from the official web site or any other windows software websites and double click mouse button to open it. Make sure you are connected with internet. It will automatically download the software installation file and installing on it. You need to agree the software license terms only.

The Pros

  • Excellent malware and virus detection
  • Secure home networks
  • Quickly blocks virus attacks
  • Simple and improved user interface
  • Easy to install on your pc

The Cons


Avast Free antivirus 2015 is one of the best antivirus with very big virus definition and security features. The Smart scan feature enables to prevent your computer from virus attacks and malwares. The speed of monitoring is excellent and avast virus engine do well for their jobs. But like its name not all the security features are free of cost. The SecureLine VPN provides online security for 7 day trial and after that need to pay for the continuing the protection. The remote assistance feature works only with Avast premier version and need to upgrade by spending few dollars to make it Avast Premier 2015 to enables the full protection features such as Sandbox, SafeZone, Avast firewall and remote assistance.

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 System Requirements

Software Name Avast Free Antivirus
Software version 2015.10.2.2218
Operating System Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Processor architecture 32 and 64 bit
Size 145.57 MB
License Non commercial Freeware
Languages Multiple Languages
Developer Avast Software
Release Date April 23, 2015

18 Jul 2015

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 Review

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7

In the present situation, People always give special importance to security and performance features of PC. The primary focus is PC Protection and performance and other features secondary. Today, there are many software solutions which provide better protection and security (Kaspersky, Avast Antivirus etc) to both your PC and personal data. And also available performance improving software’s like Tune-up utilities, CCleaner etc. But it is difficult to find services which provide both protection and performance improving utilities in one software.
advanced systemcare ultimate 7

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 is one of the solution software people who wants Security and PC tune-up utilities in one software. It protects your PC from viruses, phishing, malware, spyware, hackers, botnets and unknown threats. The Real-time-privacy feature is specially designed for people who want to surf online without being caught up by hackers or phishing agents. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 has very simple user-interface and works perfectly with other security software’s without any conflict.
The Pros 
  • Complete system security and performance solution 
  • Wide utility tools which helps to improve PC performances 
  • Boosts internet and system speed 
  • Great User-interface  
The Cons 
  • Average Scan Protection 
  • Unnecessary utility tool like Auto Shutdown, Startup Manager tool, etc. 
Another cool feature of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 is that bunch of performance improving tools. It helps to clean, boost and fixes the all type of problems related to your PC. The Advanced SystemCare Ultimate performance section provides System TuneUp, Internet booster, Real-time Optimizing Tool, Registry Cleaner, Maximum Harddrive performance and other PC optimizing tools.

Quick Spec

  • OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/Xp
  • Version: 7.1
  • Size: 61.57 MB
  • Price: Try Free Trial
  • License: Shareware
  • Publisher: IObit
  • Genre: Security Software
Let’s see all the features of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 tool. 
  • It provides basic protection from the security threats and keep you PC away from Viruses, Worms, spyware, Trojans and other internet threats 
  • It have enriched malware protection and blocks malware presence in your PC 
  • Provides better security for internet browsing using the Web Safety feature 
  • It actively enhances the security without System Slowdown 
  • Ultimate Tuneup tools helps to improve the performance characteristics of your PC 
  • Internet Booster is improves the 300% internet speed with your internet browser 
  • Registry cleaner for your Windows PC 
  • Simple, light weight and fast System Care tool 

Overall Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 is better antivirus protection and combines with extensive system utilities. It provides an average antivirus protection which is enough for basic or medium users. And contain worthy useful system utilities tools which clean and fix the bunch of problems with one click. Click here to view the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 deal on IObit

High Speed Internet Download Manager New Version Released

Internet Download Manager (IDM) v6.21 Build 11 

Internet download manager is one of the high speed file download manger which enables the fastest downloads of movies, music, document, images, softwares and more. The new version is of IDM is released on 3rd October, 2014 with some improvements and bug fixing as compared to previous version v6.21 build 10. It was developed and published by ToneC. It works perfectly on windows 8.1, windows 8, windows 7 and other windows operating systems published it. If you don’t have this downloader tool in your computer, Download High Speed Internet Download Manager v6.21 Build 11.

New Internet Download manager have improved file segmentation technology, which enhances the downloading speed as compared to previous version. It splits your downloading file into different parts and try to connect with more severs for accelerating the download speed. As compared with other paid file downloader’s, IDM dynamically segments into different files and maximize the connection for improved downloading performance.
Internet Download Manager

It solves issues with IE 11 browser and the enhanced the video recognition feature for chrome browsers. The advanced browser helps to integrate with popular as well as even new browsers with ease. The advanced video grabber helps to grab the video file from any video site or webpage. Only con is that FLV format is the available format for video downloads. The grabbing speed also improved from the previous ones. Let us see what are the new features and improvements included in IDM v6.21 Build 11.

What’s New?

  • Solved issues with internet explorer 11 (IE11)
  • Improved file segmentation technology and download engine
  • Video recognition in chrome browsers are also improved
  • Advanced browser integration
  • Improved video grabber
  • Bugs fixed
  • FTP download manager

17 Jul 2015

CWShredder Free Download_Premier Tool 4 Protects PC from Hijackers

CWShredder v2.19 Download 

Do you know about CWShredder tool? It is one of the best tool which provide complete protection from Hijackers while on browsing. CWShredder is free premier tool specially designed for removing coolwebsearch traces and prevent from the browser hijackers. Coolwebsearch program or app is really bad one, because it installs many bookmarks including porn websites.

Most of them are infected by virus and hijackers. These items also affects your performance of PC, slows down dramatically. CWShredder is completely free software which also well compatible with Windows 8 and other windows platforms.
CWShredder free download

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 (Both 32 and 64 bit)
Version v2.19
Size 520 KB
License Freeware
Developer Trend Micro Inc

Key Features

  • Prevent from browser hijackers and removes all traces of coolwebsearch
  • Simple user-interface and easy install setup
  • It removes the performance affecting apps and restores them

CWShredder Free Download


16 Jul 2015

Avast Antivirus Software: Get Free;Premier;Internet Security 2014

Avast Antivirus 2014 Downloads

Avast antivirus is one of the most trusted security software which provide advanced security to users PC. The updated scanning and virus definition feature helps to prevent your PC or devices from latest virus, hackers, malwares, spyware and other internet threats. Free version provides protection to your PC only. If you want advanced protection, you must spend some penny for buy internet security and premier versions. It perfectly works on platforms such as Microsoft windows, Mac and Android.

The simple user-interface and Mulch-languages feature makes it more user-friendly security software. Avast antivirus software is reliable security application which is free from crashes or any other software bugs. This article deals with Avast antivirus home edition security software’s.

Let’s see features and free download of Avast Free antivirus, Avast internet security and avast premier antivirus.

Avast Free Antivirus 2014

Avast free antivirus is free version antivirus which protects your computer from latest threats. This version loaded with new DynaGen technology helps to perform like an intelligent antivirus and also features in anti-malware and spyware protection. It is suitable for windows 2000, windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8 for both 32 and 64 bit. The optimized scan features in avast free antivirus 2014 scnas text contents more faster and identifies threats within a minute. It is one of the most reliable and faster scan antivirus with improved memory usage, takeouts your PC strain.

The new Avast free antivirus 2014 version contains very simple and improved user-interface. It enables quick access to each and every features and also customizable in nature. The constantly updating virus definition gets information about new virus, spyware and other threats. It means your device is more protected and free from latest threats. Avast free antivirus also provides add-ons to internet browsers which also improves your PC protection while you Online. It blocks out cookies and socials tracking bots.

System Requirements

  • Version: 9.0.2013
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (both 32 and 64 bit)
  • Size: 86.38 MB
  • License: Non-commercial freeware
  • Languages: Multiple languages
  • Developer: Avast Software

 What’s New?

  • Intelligent antivirus technology
  • Anti-malware, Anti-spyware and Anti-rootkit protection
  • Improved User-interface
  • Optimized scan features
  • Fixed firewall issues, Dropbox and Flickr issues
  • Stability improvements and crash free
Avast Free Antivirus 2014 Download

Avast Internet Security 2014

Avast internet security 2014 is one of the best security software which provides total protection from PC as well as internet threats. With new 2014 version, it provides advanced internet protection for online purchases and financial transaction using the Safezone browser. It protects your PC from hackers, virus, phishing scams, spyware, malware and other new internet threats.

The silent firewall feature enables complete and an additional protection to computer from hackers. Avast internet security 2014 is well-compatible with windows and mac versions. As compared to avast free antivirus, additional anti-spam include for protecting your PC from phishing and scams. The sandbox feature enables to open or run files in virtual environment and blocks if any threats present in it, without affecting your PC.

System Requirements

  • Version: Internet Security 2014
  • Size: 121.3 MB
  • Operating System: Windows XP (SP2)/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 8.1 (32 and 64 bit)
  • License: Shareware
  • Languages: Multiple languages
  • Developer: Avast software

Key Features

  • It provides complete protection to your PC, never mind if you are online or offline
  • Safezone browser and silent firewall feature protects financial transactions and online purchases
  • Stay away from hackers, virus attacks, malware, and spyware with avast internet security 2014
  • DynaGen technology antivirus
  • Anti-spyware and Anti-spam (protection from phishing and scams)
  • Anti-malware and rootkit
  • Simple user-interface and reliable security software
  • Sandbox - Run your apps in Virtual environment for more protection
Avast Internet Security 2014 Download Trial

Avast Premier 2014

Avast premier 2014 is one of the best and most powerful antivirus software form avast software. It contains full protection feature which protect your PC from advanced virus, malware, hacker etc. Unlike other 2014 version, it contains additional features such as automatic software updater, access anywhere and data shredder.

Most of the malicious attacks are coming from the outdated software’s in our system. Avast premier understands insecurity in outdated software’s and helps to update them automatically. There by your PC avoids malware, spyware, rootkit and other attacks.

Access anywhere feature allows you to control and access avast premier form any remote locations. It allows you to view desktop and access files via computers which contains any version of Avast. The data shredder provides military-grade permanent deletion which helps to remove sensitive data’s like bank statements, images, documents etc. It contains all features of Free antivirus and internet security 2014 features also.

System Requirements

  • Version: Premier 2014
  • Size: 121.35 MB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win8.1 (Both32and 64 bit)
  • License: Shareware
  • Language: Multiple languages
  • Developer: Avast Software

Key Features

  • Access anywhere helps to access avast installed computer from remote locations
  • Automatic software updates enables complete protection from malware, spyware and rootkit
  • Military-graded security level provides complete deletion of your sensitive data
  • Anti-span, malware, spyware and rootkit features
  • It protects throughout financial transaction and online purchasing with Safezone
  • Avast provide cost-effective multi-year licensing as compared to internet security version


Overall, Avast antivirus 2014 is one of the best security software which protects billions of computers in the world. If we take comparison with three of the above versions of avast antivirus, best security software is Avast premier 2014. Because additional features makes it more reliable, provides more security to your PC and cost-effective.  If you think of paid version of antivirus, Avast Premier 2014 is recommended one.

Latest Bandicam Review: Best PC Games Screen Recorder

Bandicam v2.2.2.790

best video, Game and Screen capturing and recording tool for windows users
Bandicam is one of the powerful software for recording gameplay of PC games, video recording and captures desktop screen. It needs only small amount of RAM or CPU for smooth working; that means if you have low specs desktop pc, don’t worry to record your screen using Bandicam. Because of the minimized CPU or RAM usage, it is very good screen capture tool for all types of users.

Another superb feature is that user can record the videos of games or screens in unlimited size or length, because of the new AVI 2.0 OpenDML extensions support. Please note unlimited size is always depends on harddisk space available in your computer. The developers also offer the resulting file after record is smallest as compared with other screen recording softwares like Dxtroy, Fraps, Camtasia Studio etc. The OpenGL support also improved as compared with previous version.
bandicam free download

Who needs Bandicam Recording Tool?

PC gamers having YouTube Gaming channels and needs to record gameplay
To make software tutorials
To capture desktop screen for projects or educational purposes

Specs and Installation:

This is latest version of bandicam (v2.2.2.790) is released on 19/05/2015 with more improvements and minor bugs fixes. It is developed and published by BandiSoft. The file size is very small and only 9.4 MB. The installation is very simple and fast; needs very less harddisk space for storing installed files. It is supports operating system such as Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000 (both 32 and 64 bit processor architectures.

This screen record tool is licensed under shareware and free from virus, adware, spyware or malware contents. Due to shareware license, it is not fully free for users. In the free or trial version you can record 10 minutes videos only and video contains “www.bandicam.com”. If you need to remove the watermark, you need to buy full license from the publisher’s website for lifetime license at very fair price ($39). Buy full version

Bandicam User-interface

Like the previous version, bandicam user interface is simple, basic and not that much changed. It still has two recording options, one is DirectX/OpenGL mode and Rectangle screen mode is the other.

Rectangle Screen Mode: -

It helps to record desktop, software screen and captures photos of specific area by controlling the rectangle size. It helps me a lot for making software tutorials for my new solidworks tutorials blog. It perfectly captures screenshots for each step with high quality.

OpenGL/DirectX Mode: -

This mode allows you to record pc games screens in high quality. I used this bandicam software for recording pc games like Call of duty: Blackops 2, Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, NFS The RUN and more. With this excellent software, I got high quality videos without any lag and errors. It makes my gameplay like movies and helps to create new gaming channel in YouTube. Visit my “BestPCgamingTv”, my YouTube gaming channel.

The user interface is very simple and even a beginner can easily understand every options in it. I don’t think anyone needs more support to operate this screen recorder tool. If you need it, watch this video now.

The Pros:
  • Superb recording capability
  • Smallest size for record files output
  • Easy to install and use
  • AVI2.0 OpenDML extensions support
  • Multiple OS support
  • Record microphone and system sound
  • Perfect tool for making tutorial videos and gameplay
The Cons:
  • Need to buy full version for unlimited record size and length.
  • No other serious issues experienced


Bandicam is one of the best tools for recording games, videos and desktop screen with ease. It creates high quality record files with very small HDD space consumption as compared with other free and paid recording softwares. It is one of the great options for people having very low speed computers, because of the efficient controlling in the system resource usage. It also works great in multiple operating systems and working with bandicam is very easy; no difficult to learn this software, even a beginner can do it easily. For gamers, it also activates webcam previews on game recording screens.You can record the face expression while gaming.

It is recommend recording software for people likes to create software tutorials, gameplay, how to tutors etc and want to publish them in their blogs. To experience the unlimited recording and free from the watermarking you need to buy full version by spending $39 (fair price). If you don’t have this money to spend, ceratin free alternatives such Camstudio, Jing and Icecreme screen recorder. (Remember: these are only basic recording tools not provide as much features of bandicam). Buy Bandicam Full Version for $39


13 Jul 2015

VMware Virtual San: New Virtualization Technology

VMware Virtual San (VSAN) Technology

VMware Virtual San is new networked oriented virtualization storage announced on March 6th, 2013 and services are available march 10th onwards. Virtual San is a hypervisor-converged storage system which has featured performance optimized with virtual environments with high efficiency and low cost. The VMware vSphere platform has seamless integration with virtual san enables the easy usage and also helps to automate manual storage tasks.
 Available design features of virtual scan are 3 to 32 node cluster support, 3200 virtual machine support, two million IOPS performance and 4.4 Petabytes of storage capacity. There are more nodes, different flash support and more features release soon.

VMware Virtual San Key Features

  • Simple, hypervisor-converged storage technology
  • High performance
  • Low cost virtual storage
  • Server acceleration for easy storage
  • Built-in failure tolerance
  • Independent to hardware
  • Interoperability with VMware products, click here to see more features

Virtual San Depth Features

VMware VSAN uses hypervisor converged storage technology, seamless integration with vSphere enables the better performance. What is VMware hypervisor? Hypervisor is a virtual machine monitor tool like hardware, or software, provide platform to create and run virtual machines. It also optimizes the I/O data path and delivers cool performance than external devices or virtual appliance.
The VM-centric policy based management (SPBM) and automation is cool features VSAN technology, which provides statements of storage requirements each and every virtual machines or disks. In virtual San these storage requirement polices are governed by SLAs. SPBM allows creating storage policies based on their capacity needs, availability and virtual machine performance.

Using SSD flash server technology enables the virtual san to accelerates speed in storage and minimizes or avoids (most of the cases) storage latency. It controls the read cache and write buffer. Read cache is list keeper of commonly accessed disk blocks and write buffer speed ups the write operations. Thereby virtual san minimizes the storage latency.

Another cool feature of VMware Virtual san is that interoperability with VMware stack. The virtual machine can access VMware products and resources with ease. The interoperability of virtual san enables the availability and extending the storage functionality. It also interoperates with VMware site recovery manager, cloud automation center, simple resource management and VMware view. VMware view provides very simple and fast storage virtual desktop machines.

The built-in failure tolerance feature prevents the virtual disks or virtual machine from different failures such as disk, host or network. SPBM helps to avoid failures by setting storage policy like how many host, disk or network failures tolerable in a virtual san cluster. Virtual San technology is also hardware independent agnostic solution which provides more flexibility. It allows to run different hardware with different operating system and configuration.


4 May 2015

Mozilla Firefox v37.0.2 Free Downloads: More Stability, Security and Easier Browsing

Mozilla Firefox v37.0.2

After the stability issues in Firefox v37.0.1, new Mozilla Firefox v37.0.2 version is ready on their official site for free downloads. It is an open source, free web browser, which provides easier browsing experience, security, faster performance and full user-interface customization. It is developed by Mozilla organization. The new Firefox has a wonderful user-interface, which give best browsing experience than other competing free web browsers. It has new improvement in security and graphics hardware selection solves the stability issues in previous version. Let’s see complete features and free downloads link is provided at the end of this article.
mozilla firefox free downloads
Credit: Tecappvault Downloads

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1/Windows 8/Windows 7/ Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows 2000 (both 32 and 64 bit)
  • Size: 38.98 MB
  • License: Open Source
  • Languages: Multiple Languages
  • Developer: Mozilla Organization

InDepth Features

Easier Browsing Experience

New Firefox v37.0.2 is take their best effort to make the web browsing is smoother and simple than previous version. You can start a new Tab by just clicking the “+” button at the top and start browsing by entering the address on the URL box or search anything via, search box. When you are start to entering the search phrase, it automatically suggests the exact domains.

In my experience a lot of helpful, this suggestion feature. The awesome bar is also simplified and contains features like Find, Options, Save Page, Print, Full Screen, Developer etc are arranged in medium sized button. From there you can also access zoom in-out, Cut and copy features. The bookmarking is very easy and you need to click on the star button, located at search box. These simple options make your browsing experience smoother and you are going to love more than Google Chrome and Avant Browser.

Faster Performance

In terms of performance, Mozilla Firefox v37.0.2 is faster than other web browsers. It is loaded with latest JagerMonkey JavaScript Engine, which provides higher page load speed. The improved graphics rendering by automatically select the graphics hardware and adjust the features of browser for speeding up process. The start-up is very quick as compared with other browsers and knows “speed king” in the market.

The Direct2D and Direct3D, effectively manages the various complex web content and videos. It is also best browser for playing online games without any lag. The crash protection feature also helps in normal crash free browsing and till not solving plug-in crash, which stops the browsing. Then you need to reload to regain the affected plug-in and continue browsing. Overall, it has very good performance than other web browsers.

Secured Browsing

One of the main security features is private browsing, which is famous in the internet market. The private browsing allows to surf through the internet with complete anonymous and security. You do not have to bother about the history and previous browsing details, while on private browsing. The history, downloads, cache, searches and cookies will deleted on shutdown of the device. It also contains antivirus, content security, malware protection and ant-phishing, which helps to maximize the security features.

Full User-Interface Customization

Another cool feature of free Firefox v37.0.2 is than the full user-interface customization. You can access the customization option via, awesome bar and add the various tools and features in sidebar and top bars. Here you can set the Firefox themes, add-on plug-in etc. It also contains title bar enable/disable options, toolbar show/hide and themes. The add-on manager allows installing add-ons as you need and see the add-ons rating, description and reviews.

13 Apr 2015

Scenes from Yosemite Windows 7/8/8.1 Themes Downloads

Scenes from Yosemite Windows Themes

Yosemite National Park is one of the best and famous parks in the World. It situates in California, the United States of America. The national park consist very beautiful waterfall, mountains and hills landscapes covered with both trees and rocks. The Yosemite Theme contains 15; high quality images of scenes from the park and photos taken by Ingo Scholtes, photographer.

Themes Intro

The different views of park rocky and greenly landscapes are captured nicely and in selective manner. The scenes are very good to see and have in right composition of light, follows the basic frame selection rules in photography.

Scenes of Yosemite: Screenshots

Scenes from Yosemite

Common Thing in Themes

We all know about Windows 8 themes. Windows themes contain some high definition or HD wallpapers, sounds, different colors and screensavers. All is depends upon the theme creators and photographers, who took the amazing pics for making themes. They are works perfectly on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 (home premium, Professional, Ultimate and Windows RT versions).

 Related Post: Reflections Windows 8 Themes Downloads

Scenes from Yosemite: Themes Features

  • 15 high-resolution Yosemite National Park landscapes views
  • Light green color
  • Windows Default sound
  • No screensavers and Logon screens
  • Support on Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1
  • Size: 15.7 MB